Your Goals

R&D labs, regional HQs, manufacturing plants, service centres, and logistic operations need to be socially and politically sustainableCountries are becoming more protective of their economic environments and consumers are more discerning about the true cost of your products and services.  Simply offering lower prices by outsourcing and offshoring is no longer enough to stay competitive. To deliver true cost reduction, higher quality, and higher margins, while demonstrating your firm's commitment to high ethical and environmental standards, your geographically mobile firm needs a multi-faceted strategy.  This helps insure the success of your international business diversification.

Our Mission

Fairvest ICX brings together highly experienced, multinational, and multidisciplinary specialists to help your geographic diversification bring your stakeholders the benefits they expect.  Whether simple profit growth, superior product quality, improved customer satisfaction, decreased tax and insurance liability, or sustainable employee opportunity is your priority, the experts at Fairvest will help you succeed.  We have decades of experience in negotiating international tax treaties, managing private tax agreements directly with administrative agencies, delivering substantial savings, developing customised market support, and interfacing with private and public interest groups. Our approach, developed in tight collaboration with you and your senior executives, operates on multiple levels at both the departure and destination locations of your geographic diversification.  Our services are discrete and cost effective.


April 2008


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